Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

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This easy method for Air Fryer Boiled Eggs turns a raw egg into a hard, soft, or medium boiled egg in just 12 minutes or less using your favorite air fryer. There is no need to boil water and they come out perfect every single time!


Experimenting with my air fryer has become one of my favorite things to do. It’s a convenient way to get a variety of food on the table fast. You certainly don’t need an air fryer to make hard boiled eggs, but it’s one of the easiest ways to cook them. And they are easy to peel too!

Making hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer not only saves me time, but it gives me a quick and easy protein that’s healthy in just 12 minutes or less. I can cook the eggs the way I like them and they are perfect every time. 

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • No need to wait for the water to boil.
  • You can get the perfect consistency of eggs by adjusting the cooking time.
  • It’s the perfect protein for quick meals and snacks. 
  • There’s much less clean-up. 

Ingredients & Equipment

  • Raw Eggs – This recipe is for air frying up to 6 eggs. If you add more, you may need to add to the cooking time. 
  • Ice & Water – You’ll need to slow down the cooking process after the eggs are air fried by placing the cooked eggs in a bowl of ice water. 
  • Air Fryer – Any air fryer will do, but I use a Power XL and love it! 

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs In The Air Fryer

  1. Bring the eggs to room temperature: For best results, the eggs need to come to room temperature on the counter before air frying. 
  2. Air fry eggs: Add your room temperature eggs to the bottom of an air fryer basket in a single layer making sure they are spaced out enough. Set the temperature to 270F and your timer for desired egg consistency. 
  3. Ice your eggs: While the eggs are cooking, prepare an ice bath with water. As soon as the eggs are finished cooking, use tongs to remove them and place them in the ice bath for 10 minutes before cracking, peeling, and serving. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cook a few eggs at a time to test! I HIGHLY recommend cooking only a few eggs if this is your first time air frying boiled eggs. Do not use a full carton of eggs to start. It is not my fault is your eggs don’t turn out. All air fryers are different and the eggs may take longer or less time to cook.


Best Time and Temperature for Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

The general temperature recommendation for air frying boiled eggs is roughly 270F-300F. This highly depends on the type of air fryer you have as some run hotter than others. You may need to do a bit of experimenting with your own air fryer.

  • Soft boiled – 7-9 minutes
  • Medium boiled – 9-10 minutes
  • Hard boiled – 11-12 minutes

Preheating the air fryer: I’ve tested the eggs with a preheated air fryer.  They were hard-boiled at 10 minutes.  If you want the center runnier, air fry for 6-8 minutes.

Recipe Tips

  1. Every air fryer is different, so you may need to make a test run. These eggs were tested in the Power XL, but most will be similar times.
  2. Another key factor to cooking your eggs and the time it takes is if your eggs are cold, or closer to room temperature and if the air fryer has been preheated or not. 
  3. Air Fried “boiled” eggs are super easy to peel. I find them the easiest of all cooked eggs to peel.
  4. Don’t overcrowd your air fryer for best results.
  5. If your eggs have a green tint to the outside of the yellow, the eggs have been overcooked.
  6. Make sure to put the eggs in an ice-water bath as soon as they finish cooking so they will stop cooking.
  7. Don’t cut the eggs until you are ready to serve them.

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