Thick and hearty, this easy to put together Black Bean Soup is made with humble pantry ingredients and a fresh burst of cilantro and lime juice to bring it to life. Make it mild or spicy to suit your family, and serve up with some of your favorite toppings to truly make it a meal your entire family will love!


Who doesn’t love a quick and easy family meal? This soup is hearty, comforting, and healthy. Made with mostly pantry ingredients this is a meal that you can toss together with little planning for those nights when you need something quick. Here’s just a few reasons for you to love this soup:

  • Use dry or canned beans
  • Add in extra veggies your family will love
  • Season and spice it up to your taste

Ingredients Needed:


Notes on some ingredients:

  • Red Chile Flakes: optional and not pictured. Taste the soup at the end and if you feel the need for some more heat, add a sprinkle in and add as desired.
  • Black Beans: use 15 ounce cans. Drain and rinse the beans. You can use dried beans for this recipe. Just make sure to soak the beans overnight before using. Substitute the 4 cans with 2 pounds of dried black beans.
  • Broth: bone broth adds a nice richness and nutrients to the finished dish. You can also use a vegetable broth to keep it meat free.
  • Avocado Oil: a great option for cooking, although you can substitute for evoo or other oil of choice if desired

How to make (step-by-step):

  • Step 1: Sauté the onion and jalapeño, then add the garlic and seasonings.
  • Step 2: Add beans and broth. Stir this all together, bring to a simmer, then cover and reduce heat to low.
  • Step 3: Remove the lid and let the soup continue to cook while stirring and mashing the beans against the side of the pot. Stir in the lime juice and fresh cilantro. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired.

Expert Tips:

  • Heat: if you want more heat to the soup, leave the membranes in the jalapeno, or you could substitute the jalapeño for a Serrano pepper. Then taste and if more heat is desired add some crushed red Chile pepper. This recipe is written to be mild and will be pleasant for little ones or those who don’t like, or can’t have spice.
  • Thicken: this is a nice hearty soup, nice and thick. To make it thick, simply mash some of the beans on the side of the pot during the cooking process. If you want it even thicker, use an immersion blender or transfer a portion of the soup to a blender carefully and blend.
  • Extra Veggies: if you have vegetables on hand you want or need to use, this is a great soup recipe to add them to. Great options include carrots, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, or other squash. Dice up and sauté with the onion to soften them up.


Is black bean soup good for you?

There are many health benefits to eating black beans, you can read more in this article.

Can I freeze black bean soup?

Yes. Store the soup in a freezer safe container and keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. Remove to the refrigerator to thaw overnight and reheat on the stovetop.

What do I serve this soup with?

Some great options would be to serve a bread or cornbread on the side. A salad is a great option also, either a simple garden salad with some homemade ranch dressing, or this Autumn Apple Salad is always a hit!

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Photography done by the talented @KJandCompany