Fresh Watermelon Cake

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This easy recipe for Watermelon Fruit Cake takes a fresh watermelon and turns it into a refreshing cake with the help of a homemade whipped cream frosting. It’s the perfect celebration treat to bring to a summer party or BBQ and will keep everyone cool and hydrated. Prep in 30 minutes!


Watermelon is the perfect snack during warmer weather. Not only is it perfectly sweet and refreshing, but it also helps with hydration when you’ve been outside in the sun making it the perfect summer fruit. One of the most creative and fun ways to use watermelon is to turn it into a fresh watermelon cake!

You’ll first cut up a fresh watermelon by removing the rind, then you’ll shape it into a classic cylinder cake shape. Frost it with a super-easy whipped cream frosting. Garnish, then slice it up and serve at a summer party or poolside. 

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Great for when you need a gluten-free cake during the warmer months. 
  • There’s no baking involved, so you won’t need to heat up the oven in the summer. 
  • It’s a fun way to use fresh watermelon.
  • This cake won’t weigh you down making it a light and refreshing treat. 
  • Kids and adults love this summer treat!

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Heavy Cream – Gives a fluffy texture and creamy taste to the frosting. 
  • Granulated Sugar – Helps to sweeten up the frosting. You can substitute with powdered sugar, if desired.
  • Vanilla Extract – Adds a hint of vanilla flavor to the whipped cream frosting. 
  • Fresh Watermelon – A 15-20 lb watermelon is the perfect size to make this fruit cake. 
  • Berries – You’ll need blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to garnish the cake. 
  • Fresh Mint – Adds a pop of green color and pairs well with the flavor of watermelon. 

How To Make Fresh Watermelon Cake

Step 1. Make the whipped cream icing. Add the heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla to a large mixing bowl and mix using a stand mixer or electric and mixer until stiff peaks form. Set aside.

Step 2. Cut the watermelon into a cake shape. Remove the ends of the watermelon with a sharp knife. Then carefully remove the rind and discard. Take the remaining watermelon flesh and form it into a large cylinder shape being careful not to remove too much watermelon. 

Step 3. Assemble and garnish the cake. Slice the watermelon cylinder in half evenly, then place the first piece onto a cake stand. Add a layer of whipped cream frosting on top, then add the second piece of watermelon. Using a paper towel, blot any excess water off before frosting the rest of the cake with the remaining whipped cream frosting. Garnish with berries and fresh mint. Serve cold. 

EXPERT TIP: The best thing about this watermelon cake is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. If it looks rustic and natural, that’s great. Don’t worry if the surface or frosting is a little uneven. You can double the frosting if you want even more whipped cream.


Recipe Tips

  1. Choosing the best watermelon. You’ll want to choose a watermelon that has a creamy yellow spot on its side. Then, tap the watermelon. If it has a hollow sound, that means it’s ripe and full of juice. You want one that is about 15-20 pounds in weight with the rind to make this cake. 
  2. Pat the watermelon dry with a paper towel before coating in the frosting. This helps remove the moisture on the surface.
  3. If you’re making the frosting ahead of time, store it in the fridge to keep cool. 
  4. For best results, chill the watermelon in the fridge overnight before cutting to make an extra refreshing treat. 
  5. If the cake seems a bit unsteady, cut down a few wooden skewers and pierce them through the cake to help stabilize it. 


  • Make mini fresh watermelon cakes by cutting each piece into smaller circles and frosting for an individual watermelon cake. 
  • Add lemon or strawberry extract to the whipped cream frosting for a fruity taste. 
  • Use fresh garden basil as a garnish for a sweet and savory flavor that pairs well together. 
  • Feel free to use your favorite toppings such as chocolate chips, dried fruit, or chopped candied nuts. 
  • Make vegan watermelon cake by using 2 cups of chilled coconut milk solids to make the frosting instead of heavy cream. 


How do you make watermelon cake?

To make this cake, simply cut a watermelon into a cake shape. Then, frost with whipped cream frosting, garnish with berries, slice it up and serve on a hot day. 

Can you frost watermelon?

If the watermelon is pat dry as much as possible, the frosting will stick to it perfectly. 

How long does a watermelon cake last?

A frosted watermelon cake should be served immediately, but any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days while frosted. 

Can I cut the watermelon the night before?

Though cutting fresh is best, you can cut watermelon for cake the night before. Just make sure it is carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in an airtight container to avoid as much moisture loss as possible.

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