Friday Faves

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Hey hey and happy Friday-YAY!

Summer lunches are all about the loaded sandwich like the one pictured above. If you’re hankering for a killer sando or thinking you should pack a few for that spring into summer picnic you’re craving to take, follow my tips for stacking the best sandwich here.

I was touched by this beautiful Humans of New York story (which is in 12 parts). It’s such a testament to the abilities teachers have to completely change a child’s life for the better.

Did you know there’s a Father of the Bride remake? Nothing can touch the original, but this one does look fun, and I’d watch it just to see Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia play a married couple. đŸ™‚

And, the best shows on Netflix this month.

Hey stargazer! How to watch the total lunar eclipse on Sunday.

The NYTimes is saying this will be the drink of the summer and I am SO on board.


If you’re a fan of sweet tea (looking at my husband) you’ll want this drink.

I love my classic macaroni salad but with a trip to Hawaii in our near future, I’m also making plans to eat all the Hawaiian mac salad like this one.

7 different ways to make grilled cheese—the winner might surprise you.

This Tuscan shrimp is begging for a chunk of sourdough to dip in and dunk up that succulent sauce.


Shrimp risotto with peas please!

Your weekend plans should include these fries. I mean, wow!

This cucumber salad looks amazing and super refreshing.

Also, sign me up for the Jennifer Aniston salad.

I love a good fritter and these babies look supa crispy.

Wowza, these BBQ chicken meatballs are calling my name.

This crispy chicken salad would make an awesome lunch and dinner too.

This lemon dessert is exactly the kind of sweet treat I’ve been craving lately.

Loving this springy twist on tiramisu. YUM.

They’ll eat up all their veggies when hidden in mac and cheese like this one.

A mindful approach to emotional eating. There are some helpful nuggets to glean from this.

Have you tried a shampoo bar before? This article has an awesome roundup. I’m thinking of giving this one a whirl (Cool that it’s package-free).

Drought tolerant plants for your garden to plant now.

How to keep cut flowers fresh for almost forever.

Spring blooms would look so lovely in this pretty vase.

When my daughter was cast for this new ad campaign (she’s the curly red head in the video on the sailboat) I fell in lust with this weekender bag when we were at the shoot. It’s perfect for those quick trips or heading to the gym. And nope, we didn’t get to take one home :).

That’s it for this week! Have a fab weekend and do some good cookin’.

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