Friday Faves

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Hello and happy Friday!

The end of the school year splits life into two categories: Bittersweet endings and new beginnings—and not just for kids, but for parents too. That fact is especially poignant this year for our little family. Our Smudge is graduating. Goodbye high school, hello world. I’m so excited for her and the dreams ahead of her. But am I really going to be able to do this? To get through my baby leaving me? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, light and easy healthful dinners are what our family is craving now. I’ve been making this Mediterranean salad and because it holds in the fridge so well, I eat it all week long. Yes, as a byproduct I’m feeling exceptionally virtuous. Try it as a stuffing for avocados too.

High art in public places is one of my favorite ways to view it, and this artist’s mosaics created for the Times Square subway station are absolutely incredible. Makes me want to go to NYC just to see them.

It’s so inspiring when wealthy people do good things for those who aren’t.

ROADTRIP! The best scenic drive in every state.

And, 21 books to get lost in this summer.

Excited for season 2 of this funny show.

12 useful tips to keep you focused when all you want to do is be distracted.

Even tho my fried rice recipe is a family fave, we ordered Chinese in this week. It was a bit of a disappointment, especially after I saw this cashew chicken recipe that looks way better than what we ordered.

This no mayo chicken salad looks so light and yummy.

If you’re into light and refreshing cocktails, put this one on your list.

You had me at bbq ranch.

This spring roll bowl is exactly what I want to be eating right now.

These vegetarian tacos look so yummy.

I love my cacio e pepe recipe, but might have to try it with this noodle—how fun!

I love a killer fish taco and these salmon tacos look bangin’.

Let’s go bowling for dinner with these Korean BBQ bowls. That mango slaw seals the deal.

This Thai salad looks so refreshing and satisfying.


Try this Thai beef salad instead. Or in addition to!

The small batch chocolate chip cookie recipe you should commit to memory.

In honor of AAPI heritage month, here are 52 super cool Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned home and grocery brands to check out.

Loving this dress (especially the back!).

The coolest chess & checkers set I think I’ve ever seen.

These might be the pants of summer you never knew you needed—but you do.

I’m not typically one for fancy manicures, but this nail situation is so graphic and cool I’m almost tempted.

Are you going to the beach for Memorial Day weekend? Here are some pretty beach bags I’m coveting…

And, 12 backyard games for the whole family.

A low-maintenance grass alternative that’s so much prettier and easier!

Plus, 8 plants that repel bugs and mosquitos.

How to heal from trauma.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend everyone.

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