Friday Faves

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Hello and happy Friday.

So much summer deliciousness is happening on our everyday table now. Toss some chunks of sweet cantaloupe and spicy arugula with garden tomatoes then drizzle with balsamic glaze and you have the best lunch to munch. Don’t forget the fresh basil.

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Here’s your July horoscopes.

The new show I just binge-watched in a week because it was so freaking good.

6 practically free mini-vacations you can take this summer.

How to make reading a habit.

And, the brilliant satirical newsletter I can’t get enough of lately.

How bakers are organizing to raise funds for reproductive rights.

The most genius way to pit a peach. Mind. blown

The one thing you have to eat in every state.

These sandwiches make me want a picnic stat.


This Vietnamese pizza is all sorts of yum.

How delish do these breakfast tacos look?

I’m not a regular biscuit baker but these cream cheese biscuits have me craving a divine intervention.

This 15-minute cold peanut noodle salad is precisely what I want to be eating when it’s a billion degrees out.

Craving this ranch pasta salad.

I love my recipe for classic lemonade, but this blueberry basil version looks really fun too!

This one-pot dinner looks so satisfying.


Another one-pot chicken dinner makes for another winner.

Matcha latte later baby.

An easy berry dessert for summer. Looks SO good.

OMG I need to make this ice cream, stat.

And, how pretty is this ice cream cake?

Ditto to this chocolate cream cold brew.

The best skin care deals for Amazon Prime Day.

If you’re in need of a great travel bag, this one is on sale and so good.

This hand soap is an amazing dupe for my fave Le Labo’s Santal 33.

The drapey dolman sleeves on this dress are my idea of perfect. And, it’s $100 off! And, that color!

Pretty sundresses for any occasion:

11 stunning homes built into nature. #3 blows my mind!

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