Friday Faves

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Hello hello and happy Friday!

This week’s dinner pick and pic is simplicity at its finest: This chicken recipe with thighs instead of breasts, this salad with chunks of burrata tossed on top, and a slice of the sweetest cantaloupe. Did you know a sprinkle of salt on fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon makes them taste even sweeter? Fact.

Even though everyone has been sharing on IG & FB, you still owe it to yourself to check them out en masse: These stunning images of the cosmos from NASA’S James Webb Telescope are literally out of this world.

Longing for a road trip? I am! Follow this absolutely epic guide.

Oui oui monsieur! A hilarious response to France’s mustard shortage.

Meryl Streep’s one weird trick.

Also, how spot on is this Meryl impersonation?

Dang, this guy has some moves!

Why we celebrate disability pride month.

Feeling the weight of the world? Try this free 5-minute stress-less challenge.

Microbiologists say the world’s oldest ham is still edible…(sorry, hard pass for me!).

So, Consumer Reports rates this coffee machine as one of the highest of the bunch. Does anyone out there have it and love it?

A helpful guide to making pizzas at home. I’m partial to this pizza recipe and this one.

My college reunion is coming up soon and these Jello shots MUST be part of it. FUN!

Garlicky, gluten-free, and lightly crisped, these zucchini fries look frigging fab.

Mango margs bring the chill to these scorching summer nights.


This strawberry mocktail makes not drinking alcohol extra sweet.

Would you eat a savory cake? This tater tots one is beckoning.


These potatoes get a vegetarian taco treatment.

Chili-ed with just the right sweet heat, this grilled chicken is summertime neat.

I am a shrimp lover through and through and this sandwich has me craving the crustacean critter big time.

This summery salad looks amazing. And so does this one. I can’t get enough fruit lately.

3 words: buttermilk peach bread!

Making this zucchini recipe asap.


It’s totally time for my favorite zucchini bread.

This salmon salad gets a sweet touch you’ll want over and over again.

How to fit 12.000 steps into your day and transform your life.

How to keep your swimsuit clean and in shape all summer long.

Everything you should know before getting a spray tan.

The prettiest linen dress.

This cute top screams vacation—and it’s on sale!

The most comfortable and versatile pants that you can easily dress up or down.

I’m looking for some new dining room chairs for our cabin and these are pretty cute.

A gorgeous home tour (that bathroom!).

11 IG accounts to follow for food & design inspo.

And that’s it for this week! Enjoy le lazy weekend!

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