Friday Faves

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Hello and happy Friday!

Each week, Friday Faves is where I share some of my favorite finds on the www and elsewhere that I really liked and think you will too. Let’s go!

I had a major nostalgia craving for my 3X a week lunch back when I worked next door to a Koo Koo Roo in Los Angeles of grilled chicken, baked sweet potato, and tangy quick-pickled cucumbers that I pile on torn pieces of lavash bread topped with salsa. SO GOOD.

We so almost fell into the category of things people bought during the pandemic they now regret when we thought we needed an RV in our life. Now I’m so glad we didn’t fall to temptation.

15 wildlife photos that will make you laugh.

A goal of the last few years has been to check in on friends and family more often with a simple text, and this article tells proves it’s the right thing to do.

Why you should talk to your plants (yep, it’s a real thing and it is fascinating!).

I don’t like horror but I love a good suspense thriller. This movie looks like a total nail-biter and is based on a harrowing true story.

What if celebrities were your therapist? Too funny.

Feeling lunchy? These Mediterranean chicken wraps are the healthy answer.

This cheesy recipe looks like a fantastic way to use up your zucchini.

We love my daughter’s fave key lime pie recipe, so this key lime bundt cake will be a fun one to try.


This blueberry bundt cake has the BEST-looking frosting. Lick it up.

I love this recipe for grilled zucchini so I know this recipe for grilled eggplant would be just as tasty.

This flavor-bombed chicken and rice dish sounds exotic but looks easy to make.


This is a fun mash-up I haven’t thought of before: Chicken tikka masala fried rice. I am more than intrigued.

Next to Baja fish tacos, chile rellenos are my favorite Mexican dish and this chicken chile relleno looks muy muy bueno!

Excuse me what? No-yeast cinnamon rolls? Okay!

Shop your own pantry for this budget-friendly spaghetti recipe.

These Turkish eggs are the way to brunch.

Cheers to the weekend with this white sangria.

I have worn these sandals of summer. I love that they can get wet at the pool or when watering the plants and it’s NBD.

The perfect oversized white cotton shirt for layering when the weather starts to cool. If it ever starts to cool…

This makeup artist creates looks inspired by her chronic illnesses.

Fall’s best makeup trends. Too soon?

This gadget is for all of us with AirPods or headphones that don’t have the right jack to watch airplane movies. Brilliant.

If you’re into horoscopes, this Insta account will help you see the signs all around you.

I hate to say it, but I think it’s coming –> How to recession-proof your finances.

11 back-to-school DIY’s to make this yours and your kids most organized year yet.

And that’s it for this week! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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