Friday Faves

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Hello hello and happy Friday!

First off, we’re sending all the good vibes to those those weathering the storm of Florida’s Hurricane Ida. Be safe and speedy recoveries.

Yesterday we celebrated my mama’s 80th birthday! Happy Birthday, Miss P! There’s nobody I’d wish more blow-out-all-the-candles best wishes to than my mama. Everyone who knows her will agree, she’s simply the best. I love you P!

Fall food is here but I’m squeezing in the last of summer before I go full-slurp soup season and that means burgers for this girl. This Greek turkey burger is on the healthier side and so frigging tasty. I added a big old slice of my garden beefsteaks and a few of my freshly-packed bread and butter pickles and holy-schmoly I am one happy camper.

What’s happening in Iran and what can we do?

As we head into October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Katie Couric’s story is a really good reminder of how vital yearly mammograms can be.

It’s time to start decorating for Halloween and this is the BEST place to get all the scary stuff. I think I need to add this gold skeleton to my spook alley.

This blog post made me smile.

And Lizzo playing this 200 year-old crystal flute at the Library of Congress is guaranteed to make your day. Love her.

These tree house hotels are incredible. Which one would you want to stay in? #8 blows my mind!

Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband on turning 50 and the differences in the experience of aging between men and women. I loved this conversation between the two of them.

I recently picked up this set of glass bakeware WITH LIDS! and I loooove it, which makes me wonder why all glass bakeware doesn’t come with lids???!!

The ultimate how-to guide: If you haven’t tried homemade lasagna noodles, what are you waiting for?


Everything you needed to know to make perfect wontons.

Head to the farmers market then make this perfectly plump veggie galette.

Feeling dizzy just thinking of this rizzy (risotto…I tried for the rhyme 🙂 )

This might be the most brilliant pasta of all time.

Break out the bread for dipping into this red lentil soup. Thick. Rich. Delish.

These Halloween cookies look easy enough to make.

This baked spaghetti squash and meatballs is a perfect weeknight dinner.

This creamy pasta is to die for.

A cozy fall breakfast to warm up with.

The perfect solution for when you’re craving cake but juuuust a little.

A yummy vinaigrette for fall (or anytime, really).

These Brussels sprouts look amazing. And, I’ve been making this favorite salad lately and it’s just so good.

I’ve never heard of this type of cookie before but now I want to try.

How to finally build a consistent workout routine.

Replenished my stock of my fave, fave, fave mascara.

Time to stock up on my favorite brand of long sleeve t-shirt–I’m really liking the new neckline. And so inexpensive.

Pretty coats for fall.

You know how I love a basic wrap dress and this one is perfect for going all day and into the night.

I’m seeing loafers on all the fall trend lists and now I want some.

14 true crime documentaries you can stream right now.


Steven Spielberg’s new movie looks fantastic.

Just pre-ordered this book. Now I just need to stop spinning and sit down to read!

And we’re off to the races! That’s it for this week, have a grand weekend!

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