Friday Faves

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Hello and happy Friday!

I’mmmmm back! … Back in the kitchen cooking up new recipes for all of us to enjoy, coming soon to this blog near you. As we creep into the chill of fall-into-winter, I find this the most therapeutic and inspirational time of year to bake, braise, and soup my way through the week. In fact, I don’t really want to do anything else. Now, after touring my way through eating the simplicity and freshness of eating our way through Italy and Spain, I’m keeping things breezy and easy. I hope that will be okay with you too.

I hijacked a bundle of apples from my neighbor’s apple tree and made one of my favorite fall desserts. It turned out the best it ever has, I think due to the fact the apples weren’t super crisp and had a whole lot of pectin so the sauce really became caramelly. The problem is, I can’t stop eating it straight from the pan. KEEP ME OUT!

We missed putting up our 9 million Halloween decorations because we were gone most of October. That’s why I’m skipping jack o’lanterns and turkeys and moving straight into the ho ho ho…The new Christmas tree is going up next week!

But first, on to this week’s Friday Faves. Enjoy!

SLC ranks #2! I’m safe! The best states to survive a zombie apocalypse. Where does your city stand?

Now, THIS is a LOT of jack o’lanterns!!!

And, take a look at these master-carved pumpkins. WHOA.

But wait, there’s more—how cool are these spooky pies?

If there were a contest for best Halloween decorations, this house would win, hands down. But do you think they’d actually get trick or treaters?

A beautiful poem.

This is incredible! And totally mesmerizing. How does he do that?

What you might not know about our plastic problem.

I’m SO excited for this movie, which is already getting Oscar buzz. I love Cate Blanchett and this looks suspenseful and intense.

Loved watching Mila Kunis’s food diary and seeing how refreshingly authentic and practical she is.

The 27 best cookbooks of 2022. Do you have any of the ones on the list?

A brief history of restaurant menus. So interesting!

10 breakfast ideas that will actually keep you full. Also, this one is a tried and true for me.

Oh how I love paneer. I must make this.

My husband would TOTALLY jump on this creamy mushroom pasta train and never get off.

If you like taters and you like your air fryer, you’ll love these potato skins.

We ate so many empanadas in Spain and now I want these.

Soup’s on!

Plan on making this salad for lunch one afternoon.

I have been craving cooked cabbage and this pasta recipe is def keeping the craving going strong.

Who else is bumping the pumpkin?

These monster cookies are so cute.

These chicken and rice bowls would make my Korean friend swoon.

This salted caramel apple pudding cake looks divine.

Did some returns at Target so naturally had to do a cruise around the aisles for new holiday finds:

This chunky sweater looks sooooo good.

And the chunky sole of these boots…perfect for all events. And on sale!

I first saw this cashmere poncho as an ad on IG and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I had a similar one three years ago and left it at a restaurant. I’m trying to be good and not buy anything…but…

I love this quad of face masks that I can switch around depending on the mood of my skin. I got the minis for Smudge for her Xmas stocking.

Ok, when I die, I think I want to do this: Funny Grandma Has Ouija Boards With the Message “Let’s Keep In Touch” Handed Out at Her Funeral.

That’s it for this week. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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