Friday Faves

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Hellooooowwww again Friday, hello.


Well, here we are. I’ve had my tree up for 2 weeks but the rest of my holiday decorating mojo has come to a full stop. This weekend I’m hoping to get back in the saddle and finish things up, but this year is definitely going to be more minimal than those in the past. For this Christmas girl who goes whole Rudolph every year, that’s sort of a crazy thing to say. But this holiday it’s my theme: Let it go. And boy does that feel good.

One thing I won’t be letting go of is making some of my favorite holiday goodies like my mom’s fudge. I’m also playing around with a ginger cookie that has a bit more heat than the usual bite. We’ll see if I can get it up to snuff to make the blog or not.

But first, let’s get into this week’s Friday Faves. On Dasher! On Dancer!

Cue The Police, a family discovered a message in a bottle from 1887 in their floorboards. So cool.

Christine McVie and Fleetwood Mac were formative in my musical discography and I’m sorry to hear the original songbird has passed. The tribute from Stevie Nicks is moving, and the song by Haim she quoted lyrics from is even better. I’d never heard it before and now I want more (does anyone else here a bit of Landslide in the guitar??)

This young woman makes recipes from gravestones (yep, you read that right). Who knew that was a thing???

Whooooa check out this edible butter candle DIY. Would you try it?

A good hack for shredding a lot of chicken.


This air fryer chicken Milanese looks like a winner.


Per the CDC, here’s why you shouldn’t cook frozen chicken in the air fryer or microwave.

It’s supposed to snow this weekend so I want this for Sunday dinner.


Maybe this pot roast recipe.

I had an incredible lobster pasta dish during our Thanksgiving vacation so now I def want to try this lobster sauced ravioli.

I’m craving lighter fare after the holiday and these roasted veggie bowls fit the bill.

Give this roasted broccoli salad a try over the weekend for easy lunches next week.

A cozy dinner classic that the whole family loves.

Dumplings! Full-on comfort in a bowl.

Eggnog white chocolate hot cocoa mix. Now THAT is gonna warm you up.

Dying to slurp up a bowl of these spicy noodles (made in just 20 minutes!).

Bakers’ favorite secret family cookie recipes (and I want them all).

And since my holiday sweet tooth is activated now I’ve got the following on my bake list:

But let’s not forget the pups, they deserve homemade treats too (these would be a great holiday gift for anyone with dogs).

Speaking of dogs, here are 8 tips for keeping pets out of Christmas trees.

Attention food love lovers: Get your food ornaments here. I need the pickles!

97 fun and sneaky Elf on the Shelf ideas.

How to host a holiday party on a budget.

This liquid eye shadow adds just the right sparkle.

These cocktail glasses are so good (and they’re 25% off).

I can watch gift-wrapping videos like this one all day.

For all you cat owners, this is for you (and your cat).

And, 41 gifts for book lovers (that aren’t books).

I 100% wouldn’t mind staying home all weekend in these ultra-cozy lounge pants (and they’re 25% off!).

99 clutter-free gift ideas. SO much great and clever inspiration to glean from this list.

And that’s it for this week! Enjoy your weekend and cook something good.

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