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Hello hello and happy almost Christmas!


We’re all deckered up, behaving sweeter than candy canes, and sipping on all the festive drinks like this one to add even more cheer so it must be time to wrap up Christmas for another year. The push and pull of the holidays and the commitments we may feel obligated to fulfill can be challenging for even the most organized elf on the shelf. But there is one thing I’ve found to be the secret to actually enjoying this time of year: Giving myself permission to be okay with not doing it all or being everything to everyone. Once I put this plan into action, the self-imposed weight and pressure I had put on myself eventually floated away. It’s made the holidays so much more enjoyable for me and those around me. See ya later ya old Grinch!

On a related note, please remember there are many for whom the holidays aren’t a joyous time. If someone you know is feeling the crush of life and thinking of suicide, reach out to them with these tips on how to talk about it.

If you are thinking of suicide, reach out to a friend or family member or call or text 988. There ARE people who will support you no matter how embarrassing it may seem or how unworthy you may feel. We’re all in this together and supporting one another is the only way.

Next, come Monday, it’s all about moving into the New Year. Oh boy, here we go. Who’s ready?!!??

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

Before you can ask, my blue light readers in the pic above can be found here. I’ve been a fan of the brand for years.

How to create a healthy relationship with social media.

18 classic holiday movies to finish out the season (in your jammies on the couch!)

When should your child get a cellphone?

Some highlights from this past year:

A holiday air travel haiku—made me laugh!

Loved this podcast episode with Ina.

I couldn’t decide which recipe to make for Christmas Eve dinner: These braised short ribs or this cheesy family favorite. When I put it out for a vote, the latter won. Bring on the garlic bread!

A Grinch cocktail!

With the crush of the holiday to-do list, this Chinese dinner at home is a no-sweat situation.


Give this creamy one-pot pasta a go.

A cool hack for getting that perfect crack in the middle of a loaf cake. Or when I make any of my quick bread recipes, I take a knife dipped in melted butter and drag it down the middle.

These chicken meatballs look amazing and so cozy.

Beef wellington would make a beautiful, classy holiday dinner. And, it would be amazing to serve alongside these showstopping potatoes.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ with chicken cordon bleu.

OMG, this brisket looks divine.

Absolutely bookmarking these fried parsnips with sage.

Only two days left to make these peppermint flavored shortbread.

The most festive trifle, all dressed up for Christmas, and ready to upstage all the cookies.

How cute are these mini eggnog cheesecakes? YUM.

Cheers to coconut white Russian drinks this winter.

If you have any leftover ham from your holiday dinner, you should consider making this easy, creamy pasta or this classic soup.

I love the idea of roasted crudites and this whipped feta dip also looks so bomb.

The prettiest charcuterie board for NYE—it’s the disco balls for me.

And, 13 things to wear to the party.

How to brighten up a dark room.

This home in the trees is so magical. That staircase! Those views!

Obsessed with these coupe glasses.

These picture frames are really cool, and they’re on sale too.

15 fun card games for all your holiday family hangs. Which one’s your fave?

Love this cozy pullover.

Interested in trying this concealer that I’ve heard awesome things about (and bonus: it’s on sale).

The guilt of feeling happy when others aren’t and how to let it go.

How to make attainable New Year’s resolutions.

That’s it for this holiday week! Happy ho ho ho!

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