Friday Faves

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Hello and happy last Friday of the year!

The end of the year has me in a bit of a fit. On one hand, I’m ready for the fresh start a new year always inspires. On the other, I’m not ready for yet another year to fade into the memory bank. Either way, there’s not much I can do but embrace it.

That’s why I’m not waiting for the clock to strike midnight on December 31 before making some simple changes usually reserved for January 1. I mean, why not get a head start on eating better (beginning with healthful breakfasts), walking farther, reading more, and scrolling less.

What’s on your new year better you list, maybe not to do but to not do?

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

The weather out there has been frightful, which is why this sportscaster subbing as a weatherman has every reason for his viral cranky on-air report.

This holiday travel season was beyond stressful for far too many so now that you’re home (I hope), try these tips for not adding more stress when you finally do get home.

Take this 4-minute test to see how creative you are.

9 mesmerizing indoor parks from around the world.

The mental health toll of being an influencer. An insightful read.

9 New Year’s food traditions that bring good luck.

Okay, this might be the most clever recipe ever delivered. This designer created a three-hour, 51-song playlist for making kimchi fried rice, with each song title describing a specific ingredient, measurement, or instruction. Some people are just way too creative.

Let’s get bubbly with:

This cocktail looks so pretty and is right up my alley.

And, the prettiest mocktail if you’re abstaining.

For those who like spicy, this gochujang-infused pasta should be on your list.

Grab an extra-big spoon for slurping up this ham and potato soup.

This cheesy pizza dip is ready for the Rose Bowl. Go Utes!

This seafood platter is NYE GOALS. But I also have to make my favorite Alaskan king crab legs.

And, this everything smoked salmon dip looks bangin’.

These crockpot black-eyed peas would be perfect for a New Year’s Day brunch or dinner.

This roasted cauliflower dish looks amazing.

I love a good beans and greens dish and this is exactly the kind of thing I want to be eating post-holidays.

And, miso butter salmon looks like a great way to ease back into some lighter fare.

Seriously craving this spicy tuna sushi stack.

King Arthur’s recipe of the year has me drooling. Gotta make this, stat!

These were the most searched-for recipes of 2022.

A non-intimidating guide to meal planning.

I just finished this book and if you like who dunnits, it’s a good read.


I keep hearing such good things about this book.

The best podcasts of 2022. What was your favorite?

10 realistic budgeting tips to move you into 2023.

4 New Year tidying do’s and don’ts.

The most gorgeous cabin reno.

This cotton sweater dress is wintertime perfection.

Feel the relaxing vibes melt over you in this chambray shirt.

If you haven’t yet found a pair of winter snow boots, I spied this pair while holiday shopping and they’ll fit into the season just right.

Studies show the benefits of ‘Dry January” last longer than a month. Who’s ready??

That’s it for this year! Have a safe New Year’s Eve and a relaxing New Year’s Day.

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