Friday Faves

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Hi there! Happy Friday!


There are so many reasons to feel good right now. It’s a new year. Many of us are still rocking the resolutions and focusing more on our physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s been snowing here non-stop so our snowpack is building back to fill our drought-threatened lakes. The San Francisco 49ers are still winning. It’s the weekend! Life is good. And I’m grateful.

Winter is when I turn to family favorite recipes to add mega comfort to our week. This week I double-backed to my MIL’s hamburger soup recipe. Because this was a “what the hell am I gonna cook” last-minute call, I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand. But that was perfectly okay. I fudged the recipe a bit by swapping potatoes for pasta, using just half of the ground beef for kidney beans and mushrooms instead, and plopped a few mozzarella balls into my bowl just for good measure. That’s the thing about cooking…when you know ingredient pairing basics, great things can come of it. And holy moly, this soup is great.

With that, it’s time for me to enjoy the soupy leftovers, and get you into this week’s list of Friday Faves. Enjoy.

This top researcher shares the #1 thing to change to be happier. I’m on it!

Laziness isn’t why you procrastinate. This is.

Have you guys played around with ChatGPT yet? To research a topic? Write an essay? Kinda cool. Kinda scary. Here’s how this 22-year-old is trying to save us from it changing writing and the world forever.

17 feel-good romantic movies to watch on Netflix (#2 is a big fave).

This month, a rare green comet will be visible from earth, and here’s how you can see it.

A beautiful essay.

Why eggs are so astronomically expensive right now. And, a substitute. Have you tried this? I think it’s worth giving it a go…


If you do want to play with your eggs, this Instagram reel from one of my fave breakfast spots (and fave cookbooks) shows how to create their scrambled egg rose that is totally worth using up one of your golden orb jewels.

Just pre-ordered this cookbook and I can’t wait!

I love our cabin’s retro-looking coffee maker but my husband asked for a single-serve coffee maker for when he’s up there alone so I got him this one.

I’ve been making this immune-boosting smoothie on the reg because ’tis the cold and flu season. And because it’s just so good.

This spicy chicken dinner looks so yum.

I love the convenience of my overnight oats recipe so I’d prob dig this overnight chia pudding just as much.

Sorry Girl Scouts, but these Samoa macaroons might have you beat.

Adding this smoked garlic and roasted pepper pasta to the list of things to make.

Don’t forget the sourdough when you make these steamed mussels. Slurp.

How beautiful is this vibrant wintry salad?

These stuffed peppers would fit in with my round-up of pepper recipes just right.

I’ve been craving falafel lately and this sandwich looks perfect.

This chili is loaded with veggies and flavor.

Can’t wait to make this creamy orzo dish.

Chicken noodle soup with a Thai twist.

And for a more classic version, this chicken noodle soup looks super cozy—the perfect thing to warm up with on a winter afternoon.

Laziness isn’t why you procrastinate. This is.

52 places to visit in 2023.


7 ways to enjoy winter even when you’re not a “winter person.”

Layer up the cozy way in this turtleneck sweater.

This denim dress is v. cute.

My friend says this whipped exfoliating body scrub is so deliciously good.

And, the prettiest nail color for this time of year.

My very most favorite lip liner. It stays so long.

I was at World Market the other day and saw the coolest glass vases—torn between this one and this one.

This home is so dreamy. Those windows!

What a pretty desk.

A soap dispenser with a color pop for dreary winter days.

15 5-minute tasks that will make you happier and healthier.

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