Friday Faves

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Hello friends. It’s Friday!

Here we are, another week and another Friday Faves. Do you know I’ve been creating these lists since 2011?? That’s every Friday for 12 years, never missing one. Besides brushing my teeth and making my bed, it might be the most consistent thing I’ve ever done. And will keep doing because you guys keep wanting more. Thank you for being here!

The other thing I keep doing week in and week out? Riffing on my salads for lunch. This week it was a clean-out-the-fridge version of my Italian Chopped Salad. It’s just one reason I love salads you can tweak and play with and swap out one ingredient for three more. So craveably good.

With that, let’s get into this week’s Friday Faves.

Did you know Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world? Here are 6 things people do differently there (taking notes).

And the award goes to…Here are the 2023 Oscar nominations.

Here’s why it took 4 hours to cover rapper Doja Cat with 30,000 Swarovski crystals for Paris’s Fashion Week. Whoa.

I loved the book Daisy Jones and the Six so I am stoked for the movie. It stars Lisa Marie’s (RIP) daughter and the trailer is out and it looks damn good.

12 inspiring daily newsletters for the well-read woman (#6 is a favorite of mine). And a reminder that you should totally subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t yet. šŸ™‚

Talking less will get you more. Oof, a sobering, yet valuable truth. Sometimes you just need to know when to zip the lip.

A helpful read, in light of recent events.

And, here’s how you can help.

This essay on the unsustainability of fine-dining restaurants.

A look inside the new Super Mario Brothers-themed restaurant in Hollywood’s Universal Studios.

Lunar New Year celebrations continue with these shrimp shumai.

You can never go wrong with caramelized onions and mushrooms, especially when arugula’s invited to the party.

Ranch dill pickle dip? Pass the chips.

This frugal meal in a bowl is what every soup should be.

These blackened salmon tacos look so delish.

And, how good does this pistachio-baked salmon look?

I have a mad craving for this sandwich right now.

Oh my creamy corn and spinach orzo.

Chicken and dumplings are the ultimate winter comfort food dish, and this version has a tasty twist.

And, if you love chicken and lemon, you’re going to want to make this soup (it’s always been a favorite of mine).

Bookmarking this mouthwatering snack for Super Bowl.

You totally had me at crispy feta.

A nostalgic treat that would be such a fun weekend baking project because I worked for Hostess in college.

The best way to clean those gnarly grease stains on glass baking dishes.

My friend SWEARS by this condiment and says you’ll want to put it on everything. Purchased!

The craziest food-inspired candle I think I’ve seen yet (it’s sold out of course, but I’m still intrigued)…

25 (non-romantic) Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone special in your life.

These dominoes are so pretty and colorful that I want to snatch these up and then learn all the dominos games.

Found: the perfect striped button-down shirt.

This travel-size lippie that fits perfectly in my purse was an impulse buy at checkout and I’m not one bit sad about it.

This brow pen is supposed to be amazing, so on the wish list it goes.

Attention furry pet owners: this is a genius, game-changing product for banishing pet hair in the wash. Ordered!

6 daily habits that reduce inflammation.

And, don’t worry less, just worry smarter. I need to tell my mom.

How cool are these underwater hotel rooms? Imagine just sipping your morning coffee while a shark casually swims by.

And, this made me laugh. You too?

That’s it for this week. Have a fab weekend!

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