Friday Faves

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Hello and welcome to Friday Faves.

This list is where I share things from this week on the www that I thought were interesting and think you might too.

I’ve officially turned the corner with my sights on Spring because yesterday I walked out of my garage and heard a songbird sing with a spring in its step, er, song. Oh, what a sweet, sweet sound. Now I just hope warmer days will be following soon along.

In keeping with cozying-up in these it’s-still-soup-season times, I made one of my favorite cheesy soups and let me once again say, it is DELISH. Makes me question why I don’t make it more often??!

But that’s just the start of my Friday Faves, how about we step into the rest right here. Enjoy!

How you can help the victims of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. So tragic.

Why siblings can be so different, according to science. So fascinating.

23 Black History heroes you may never have heard of.


No matter who wins, this Super Bowl with two Black quarterbacks will make history.


After a 5-year hiatus from performing, Rhianna’s tells why becoming a mother made this the right time to do the Super Bowl halftime show.

Did you catch last week’s SNL? Almost a week later, I’m still laughing over this skit that broke everyone.

The glories of dining out alone.

18 annoying things people hate reading in a recipe. Taking note…

Who’s ready to dip into some guacamole this football-forward weekend?


This is the best way to prevent guacamole from browning.

Here are 4 wing recipes that have my attention for the Super Bowl:

Omg, this baked garlic bread dip looks so insane.

Potato salad made in the Air Fryer. What?

This sweet and sour tofu looks amaze.

Craving this meatloaf sandwich like whoa.

And, egg rolls inspired by my favorite sandwich ever? SIGN. ME. UP.

Puckering up for this citrusy olive oil cake.

An epic chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day (or any time). Or, if you want something on the smaller side, these chocolate pudding cakes for two look like perfection.

And, these raspberry white chocolate blondies are sure to win hearts.

I love this sunny vase—it’s just begging for some pretty tulips.

My hands have been so dry lately and I keep hearing people singing the prices of this hand cream, so I finally clicked “purchase.” I’ll report back!

This fun flirty floral dress should be on your spring shopping list.

This straw hat has all the summer feels.

Fun things to do on Valentine’s Day, no matter how you’re celebrating.


25 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts based on your significant other’s love language.

Plus, the perfect game to play with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

A love letter to the sea.

And that’s it for this week. Enjoy the Super Bowl and cook some good grub.

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