Friday Faves

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Hello again and happy Friday.


We’re back again this week sharing some of the interesting things we found on the web that you might like too.

The Hallmark-designated day of love has passed but it certainly doesn’t mean romance should go by the wayside. If anything, it should be a reminder to keep sparking every day. Even if you don’t have a partner, there are plenty of simple ways to show your love to your family, your pet, your community, and yourself. Simple acknowledgments and small gestures make a huge impact. This list of 19 ways to show your love without saying a word is really about paying attention because as Oprah says, we all just want to be seen.

And, of course, showing your love through food is ALWAYS a thoughtful thing. After a busy day for me and a hard-working day for my husband, instead of doing the usual routine of, “Are you cooking tonight or am I and what do you want for dinner?”, I skipped the Q&A and made him this easy pasta with a blob of his favorite burrata on top. It’s the small things that show love, am I right??

And with that, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

How to offer help when you don’t know what to say.

Oooh, this new movie with Julianne Moore looks like a good one!

Such a sweet and beautiful essay.

Love is…15 relationship tips from couples who’ve been together 20+ years and more.


4 signs it might be time to get couples therapy—and how to get your partner on board.

This really made me LOL.

Captured and colorful…The best street-style fashion from NYFW.

Do we all have imposter syndrome?

The best cooking advice from the pros.

Who knew? Why you should be saving your rice water.

And, the food expiration dates you should actually follow.

These tacos look so amazing.

The crispy bits on this modern spin on Greek salad will have you rethinking your salad game.

Definitely making these fried pickles the next time I have a party.

I love my roasted cauliflower recipe and this twist of cauliflower with miso provides an added healthy boost.

This tortellini soup will warm up even the chilliest day.

These crispy bites of chicken katsu are ready for plating.

And, this fish katsu piccata is a brilliant cuisine mashup and looks so freaking delish.

Valentine’s Day may be over but my love for flourless chocolate cake is still going strong.

I love the idea behind this recipe for purple rice.

Attention dog lovers, these cupcakes poochers-approved.

Pine nuts top this creamy orzo dish and I am fully on board with it.

The latest posting trends to get you more action/likes/follows on Instagram.

No matter what time of day, this is why you should journal.

This Charleston city guide makes me want to hop on a plane, stat.

Now, who’s ready for spring break? ME ME ME. 7 must-pack vacation fashion items.

J.Crew is having an awesome weekend sale, and I’m tempted to get this cute swimsuit.

Loving this linen button-down.

8 surprising seeds you should add to your garden.

The biggest home design trends for 2023.

That’s it for this week. Have a grand Sat and Sun and cook something good.

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