Friday Faves

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Hello there and happy Friday!

I’ve been on a roll. Got my teeth cleaned. Annual doctor visit scheduled. Mammogram, check! Called and made a dermatologist appointment to check out this weird patch on my nose. Haircut next week. Scheduled a massage. Cleaned out my closet. Walking every morning. Plating my meals ⅔ vegetables + fruits with ⅓ protein + carb. Eating berries for dessert and oranges for snacks. Taking 5 deep breaths in and out several times a day for a quick reset (try it! it really works!)

I’m following the advice of every flight attendant on every flight I’ve ever been on, but in my real-life scenario: “In the event of needing oxygen, place your own mask on first before helping others.” It’s true. The only way we can keep up with helping others is to take care of our own selves first. Look at me, I’m following orders. And all the better for it.

With that, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

Today is Trans Day of Visibility. Here are 10 organizations you can support today (and every day).

6 ways to help after Nashville. So sick of this happening over and over.

I’ve loved her ever since Blue Lagoon: This Brooke Shields documentary looks powerful.

5 ways to end the endless game of catching up.

13 must-read books by Women’s Prize for Fiction winners.

This song popped up on my Spotify playlist pulling me out of my workday haze. How have I never heard it before? It’s now a new-to-me fave.

Nora Ephron’s revenge.

11 stunning restaurants you must visit before you die.

An interesting read: Why diets aren’t working for you and what to do about it. Point #2 seems especially true.

You know you want to watch Stanley Tucci make a BLT.

But if you want the best recipe, you should make mine. 😉

If you’re making ham for Easter, make this one.

I like that this spinach tortellini soup isn’t in a thick tomato broth. Looks so good and springy.

This tofu bowl has my hungry little paws all over it.

The perfect deviled eggs, just in time for picnic weather.

This chicken dinner will make everyone happy.

Give your breakfast a healthy protein boost with these cottage cheese pancakes.

Craving loaded hummus. Mmm, look at all that crunch.

This weeknight-friendly shrimp stir-fry looks so good.

Break out the crackers and dig into this crispy baked feta.

Oh man, these brown sugar bourbon-laced wings look divine.

Blueberry muffin baked oatmeal (oh yes, this is happening—insert heart eyes emoji here).

3 words: Banana pudding cheesecake.

This bundt cake is a serious showstopper.

If you get migraines, this essential nutrient could help. Also helps with foot cramps and sleep (and I can vouch!)

Just ordered this travel makeup bag (someone I follow on Insta recently recommended it). It holds SO much, and best of all, it lays flat on the countertop, so it’s easy to find things. I got it in white, but pink is cute.

I am loving this lipstick crayon. It lines and fills all in one.

This faux bob tutorial is AMAZING.

Found a new mineral sunscreen. It’s reef-friendly, unscented, and blends in easily without any white cast.

10 summer fashion trends you might hop on.

The perfect white tee.

This bench is gorgeous and is such a stellar Target find.

And, check out this awesome portable garden bench which also has a pouch for your tools. Genius (and such a sweet price).

How to spring clean your house plants.

America’s most gorgeous botanical gardens.

This 10-minute guided meditation will get you motivated.

And that’s it for this week. Have a grand weekend and cook something FANTASTIC!

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