Friday Faves

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Hello again and welcome to Friday Faves.

Well, we made it through another tax season and just like everyone else, I’m glad to have made it through again. While you’re cleaning up the mess of receipts you so diligently didn’t keep track of all year long, here’s a helpful reminder for how long you need to keep your important financial docs. Maybe this next year will be the one you keep it all in order. Or, maybe not. 🙂

While at the market this week I spied cantaloupes. While I prefer to wait until the local melons come into season, I was craving hard so I picked one up and made this fave cantaloupe caprese salad. It’s ideal for meals any time of day, or snacks too. I like to add an extra handful of fresh basil and mint. This baby will have you feeling summer no matter the weather.

Okay, okay! It’s now time to get talking Friday Faves.

This is why music can give us chills. So cool.

Small acts of kindness matter more than you think.

The New York Times 100 Best Restaurants in New York City.


The most expensive neighborhoods in the U.S. … No, not my neighborhood.

She started hiding vegetables in his food and he began feeling healthier. But when he found out, her grown man of a boyfriend was furious. Why oh why?

Yes, how you cut an onion does matter, and here’s why.

Who knew? Here’s why warm water will revive limp lettuces.

As the weather warms up, I’ll definitely be keeping a batch of this cucumber lemon water in my fridge.

Party like a rock star then heed this hangover tea.

This creamy pasta is making my mouth water.

This Italian sandwich looks molto bene.

These lettuce wraps bring the crunch.

I am majorly craving this quick caramelized pork and broccoli.

This pozole looks so legit. YUM.

If you’re gluten-free, these pancakes will fit into the plan.

A veggie panini that’ll keep you going.

This twist on coleslaw looks extra crunchy sweet.

An oldie but a goodie, this chicken casserole is the king of the castle.

This one-pan Greek chicken and potatoes dish is weeknight smart.

Banana bread but do it with coffee. Never would have though of it.

Whenever I have my druthers, I choose shrimp tacos again and again.

I LOVE a good blondie!

The votes are in: The best airport for food in America.

Everything you should pack in your carry-on, according to expert flyers.

What living in Paris for over a decade taught her about beauty and wellness.

Love this woven bag.

Found: the prettiest linen sundress.

The perfect summer button down (and it’s on sale).

One of the coolest lamps I’ve ever seen (and it’s from Target).

Cute outdoor throw pillows for cozy outdoor hangs.

How to cope with anxiety. Such a helpful list of tools and resources.

And, how to fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night (it happens to all of us).

And that’s it for this week. Have a grand weekend and cook something good!

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