Homemade Chamoy Sauce

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This easy to make Homemade Chamoy Sauce is the perfect mix of sweet, tart and spice. All blended together to make a delicate sauce that can be drizzled over fresh fruits for a fun treat!


All about this homemade chamoy sauce…

  • Easily adjustable: this recipe is easy to make your own. Want more spice? You can add in some dried arbol chili peppers. Want more sweet? Add in some extra prunes or apricots. Adjust the amount of liquid you are blending to make this the exact consistency that you want.
  • Many uses: this sauce is great to have on hand for things such as drizzling over fresh fruits, drizzling over some ice cream, using in the place of jam on your toast, turning into a rim paste for drinks, or even serving up alongside some chicken or fish for dinner. Our favorite way to use it is to swirl it into some homemade Mangonadas! Which is a mango slushy swirled with chamoy sauce.
  • Easy Storage: this will safely keep in your refrigerator in a sealed container for up to 2 months allowing you plenty of time to use it in many different ways!

Ingredients Needed:

  • Dried Hibiscus: dried hibiscus flowers, this is commonly used for making teas or other drinks. When these dried flowers are steeped in hot water they release a tart, almost cranberry like flavoring. They can be found in Mexican markets, in some markets in the Hispanic section, or online (I have purchased from Amazon before).
  • Prunes: This recipe can be made with dried prunes, dates or raisins. These are used to help sweeten the sauce.
  • Dried Apricots: Find these in the snack aisle in your local markets, they are simply dehydrated apricots, used to add flavor and sweetness to the sauce.
  • Tajin: this is a popular seasoning made with chili peppers, lime and salt. If needed you could swap this ingredient out for chili peppers, dried or powder, and increase the amount of salt and lime juice in the recipe to get the taste you are wanting.
  • Lime Juice: always go for freshly squeezed lime juice without any additional sweeteners or ingredients added.

How to Make (step-by-step):

  • Step 1: Add the dried fruits and flowers to a pot with water.
  • Step 2: Bring this to a simmer and let it cook at a simmer for about 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: Blend the ingredients together to make a smooth sauce. Add more or less water as needed to get the desired consistency.

Expert Tips:

  • Be careful blending: blending hot liquids can easily cause burns. Allow the liquid to cool briefly before placing the lid on the blender. Placing the lid on too soon can cause pressure to build up and cause the lid to come off during the blending process.
  • Storage: store in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. This sauce can also easily be frozen. Freeze in an ice cube tray to easily create one serving amounts, once frozen, remove form the tray and place into a freezer safe bag or storage container for up to 6 months. Simply thaw and use as needed.
  • Rim Paste: use this homemade sauce to create your own rim paste for using on drink glasses, cans or bottles! Instructions included below, also shown in the video.

Chamoy Sauce: FAQS

What does chamoy sauce taste like?

Chamoy sauce is a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy. This is due to the combination of sweet dried fruit, chili, and the salt from the tajin being added. This makes it a wonderful complement to fruits!

What does chamoy sauce go with?

Chamoy is commonly used to drizzle on fresh fruits such as: mango, pineapple, jicama and watermelon. You may also see apples coated with chamoy and served almost as a candy apple.

Is there different kinds of chamoy?

Chamoy comes in different consistencies. From a liquid to a paste. This allows you to use it in different ways. Liquid is great for drizzling on fresh fruits, while the paste is more candy like and can be used to coat fruits if desired, or used as a rim paste for drinks like mangonadas or on the rim of beers.

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