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These frozen Mangonadas are a fruity treat the entire family can enjoy! Sweet, tart, and lightly spicy these drinks are a perfect blend of fresh fruit and bold flavorings. Cool down with these easy to put together frozen drinks!


All about this homemade mangonada…

  • Family Friendly: this drink is beautiful, tasty, and non-alcoholic! Feel free to add a little something extra for the adults if you want. But this drink is a fun, festive drink that you can serve up to your young kids that they will enjoy!
  • Fresh Fruit: this drink is made using fruit for natural sweetness. There is sugar in the chamoy, but you can easily make your own at home and control the sweetness and sugar levels yourself.
  • Quick and easy: this recipe is as easy as adding ingredients to a blender and pressing a button. These drinks come together in minutes for a fun and refreshing treat.

Ingredients Needed:


Notes on some ingredients:

  • Frozen Mango: this ensures a frosty mango smoothie without watering down the flavor.
  • Lime: use fresh lime juice over bottled and sweetened lime juice.
  • Tajin: this is a chile lime seasoning you can typically find in your local market in the produce aisle or the spice aisle.
  • Chamoy sauce & rim paste: buy from the market or make your own! Here’s a recipe for Homemade Chamoy Sauce.
  • Mango Nectar: this can be found in local markets either in the Hispanic aisle or the juice aisle.
  • Tamarindo Straws: straws with tamarindo candy wrapped around them, find in Mexican markets or online retailers. Can be omitted, just serve the drink with regular straws if needed.

How to Make (step-by-step):

  1. Combine the frozen mango, mango nectar and fresh lime juice in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth and creamy! Taste and adjust ingredients as needed, if the mangos weren’t sweet enough you can add a bit of sugar if needed or add more lime juice if you want a more tart taste.
  3. Layer chamoy sauce with the mango smoothie. Be sure to have your glass already rimmed with the chamoy rim paste and tajin, then top your drink with additional chamoy and diced mango.

Expert Tips:

  • Use Frozen Mango: this helps ensure a thick, frosty mango smoothie that is not watered down by using ice.
  • Homemade Chamoy and Rim Paste: make your own and control the sweet, tart and spice in your recipe! Homemade Chamoy Recipe .
  • Tamarind Candy Straws: this is a fun treat to serve with the drink. Use them to drink up your smoothie and enjoy the candy portion also! These can be found at your local Mexican markets, or in the Hispanic aisle of some local stores. They can be found on Amazon or other online retailers if needed. If needed you can of course skip these and serve with a regular straw.

Mangonada: FAQS

What is the difference between a Chamoyada and Mangonada?

These are the same, this particular drink of blended mango smoothie with chamoy can be referred to by either name. It can also be called a Chamango.

What does Mangonada taste like?

This drink is a combination of sweet, tart, and slightly spicy.

Are Mangonadas healthy?

The majority of the drink is naturally sweetened with fresh fruit, however, the chamoy sauce and rim paste do have sugar. If you are limiting your sugar intake, I recommend decreasing the amount of chamoy used in the recipe.


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